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Sunshine Coast, QLD

Great question! We’ve been honoured to work alongside real estate agents and businesses of all sizes since 2007. Our experience is well-rounded having worked in studios, agencies, as well as for ourselves and our expertise in design, marketing and business allows us to offer a well rounded service.
We have packages ranging from $997 and upwards. It’s absolutely best to jump on a call and see what best suits.
For branding and websites, a deposit of 50% is required prior to starting your project. Deposits secure your place in the design schedule and are non-refundable, the remaining project fee is due at the midway point of the project. Any projects $500 and under require full payment upfront and prior to project commencement, those valued at over $500 are due in two parts. Please note all prices quoted are excluding GST.
Please keep in mind that all deposits are non-refundable as it is a way of securing your spot in the design queue. Bookings are often made months in advance and through our strict scheduling we ensure all of our clients projects are given the time their project deserves. The non-refundable deposit acts as compensation if you leave an empty spot within the schedule.
Branding projects take a minimum of 1-2 weeks, while websites take a minimum of 2-4 weeks. To give our client projects the attention they deserve, we only take on a certain amount of branding and website packages per month. Upon booking, you’ll receive your project timeline but please note that delays in communication and payment can affect deadlines.
When we start working together we’ll chat via phone or Zoom (if this is included in the package you choose). After our first catch-up online, most of our communication will be via email as we find this the best way to work. You might like to schedule a time to chat throughout the process which is fine.
Of course! If you’ve read through everything and are happy with our pricing and love the look of our work, then feel free to book in for your free 30min strategy session via this link. Please know that while we’re excited to talk, we can’t dig too much into the nitty-gritty out of respect for our existing clients, but we are thrilled to connect and get to know one another a bit more and we plan on being as helpful as we can during our call!